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Meet Gift Note Writer, the AI powered Chrome extension that turns your gift note panic into witty, personalized messages in a flash. Perfect for any occasion, it's like having a quirky wordsmith in your pocket.

✓ Easy-to-add free Chrome extension.

✓ Auto-Detects Gift info on Amazon purchases.

✓ Crafts heartfelt gift notes effortlessly.

✓ Countdown Hover & Smart Auto-Fill for Upcoming Festivals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Note Writer?Gift Note Writer is a free Chrome extension that helps you effortlessly create personalized gift notes for your Amazon purchases.
How do I install Gift Note Writer?You can install Gift Note Writer by visiting the Chrome Web Store, searching for Gift Note Writer, and clicking Add to Chrome.
Is Gift Note Writer free to use?Yes, Gift Note Writer is completely free to use.
How does Gift Note Writer work?Once you reach the cart page where the gift note box sits, you can open the Gift Note Writer from the browser extension menu, it will automatically detect the recipeient 's name and the gift name.
Once you update and confirm the information, it will generrate three personalized notes candidates for you to choose, you can click any one to copy to the gift box.
Can I use Gift Note Writer for non-Amazon sites?Yes! While Gift Note Writer is optimized for Amazon, allowing for automatic detection and filling of gift information, it's also functional with other gift sites. For non-Amazon sites, the extension can be used to create personalized notes, but you'll need to manually input the gift information, as the auto-fill feature is now exclusive to Amazon, we are working to expand it to other websites.
Where can I get support for Gift Note Writer?For support, please fill in Contact Us form below, or email:, we will get back to you ASAP.
Can I suggest features for future updates of Gift Note Writer?Absolutely! We welcome user feedback and suggestions. Please reach out to us through either below Contact Us form or email:
Can I use it on browsers other than Chrome?We currently only support Google Chrome.
Is my personal information secure with Gift Note Writer?Yes, your privacy and security are our top priorities. Gift Note Writer only collects and uses your input data as language model prompt to generate gift message, and we do not store any personal information.

Privacy & Safety

We hold your privacy and security in the highest regard. Your personal information is not stored on our servers. Providing input for gift notes, such as recipient names and relations, is entirely optional and solely utilized for the purpose of creating gift notes, with no other purpose. We hold your privacy in high regard and only employ Google Analytics for troubleshooting, and service enhancement on our end. To ensure the utmost protection of your data, we employ industry-standard encryption and robust security measures. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

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Gift Note Writer is our first app, we made it free hoping it to grow with love❤️ by extending love❤️. Starting a new venture can sometimes feel isolating, so your thoughts mean the world to us. Please feel free to share your feedback and report any issues you encounter. We will get back to you ASAP.

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